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How to Troubleshoot Product Recommendations in Your Quiz

Navigating through the product recommendations can be challenging, especially when dealing with numerous products and collections/categories linked to quiz choices.

This guide will walk you through the process of troubleshooting product recommendations. It can help you understand why a certain product was recommended or missing from the Results Page.

Understanding the basics

When a particular product appears (or fails to appear) on the Results Page, it's crucial to understand the mechanism behind its selection. This involves tracing back to the quiz responses and analyzing the voting system that influences product visibility.

Step-by-Step Process to Check Recommendations


Before you begin, open the Responses section from the App manual in the new browser window. It will come in handy.

  1. Access Quiz Metrics: First, navigate to the quiz Metrics in the Quiz Builder.
  2. Explore Responses: Within Metrics, locate and open the Responses tab. On the left-hand side menu, you'll find the most recent 100 responses the quiz received organized by date/timestamp. Click on a date to open a specific response.
  3. Check the Why was a product recommended or not in this response? section. This section of the app allows you to troubleshoot individual responses and understand why certain products were recommended to the customer or missing from the recommendations.
  4. Preview the Results Page: Use the provided link at the bottom of the response details to access the Results Page corresponding to the chosen response. how to troubleshoot quiz results preview results
  5. On the results page, identify a product of interest—either one that appeared unexpectedly on the Results Page or one you anticipated but was missing.
  6. Conduct a Product Search: Use the SELECT PRODUCT TO CHECK section at the top of the response to search the name of the product in question. Select the product from the search results to further investigate its recommendation status.

    how to troubleshoot quiz results search products

    Understanding Product Status Colors

    • Green: Indicates products that received votes through the quiz choices.
    • Red: Denotes products that were explicitly excluded from recommendations.
    • White: Represents products that did not receive any votes, hence their absence from the recommendations.
  7. Analyze Product Details: Upon selecting a product, a detailed panel will reveal critical information.

    how to troubleshoot quiz results information

    Information such as:

    • The collections/categories the product belongs to.
    • The number of votes it received and the reasons for its recommendation or absence.
    • The questions/choices that influenced its votes, including the collections/categories where it was either upvoted or excluded.
    • The specific Results Page and Slots or Product blocks that facilitated its recommendation.
  8. Troubleshooting and Adjustments: With this information, you can pinpoint inconsistencies or errors in product categorization, inclusion, or exclusion.


A common issue is a product being misclassified into an incorrect collection/category or accidentally excluded in quiz settings. Paying close attention to these details can significantly enhance the accuracy of your product recommendations.

Additionally, you may:

  • Recalculate Recommendations: If adjustments to the quiz or product collections/categories have been made, use this option to see how these changes affect recommendations.
  • Resend Notifications: Useful for updating CRM services or sending revised recommendations via email.

By following this guide, you will be better equipped to understand and refine the product recommendation process within your quiz, ensuring a more relevant and personalized customer experience.