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Plans & Pricing FAQ

Plans & Pricing Details

  • We recently transitioned to a usage-based pricing model. All of our plans include all the features, including the Free Plan.
  • Every day, our billing system calculates the responses captured during the past 30 days (rolling). Your plan is based on usage in retrospect.
  • If your quizzes receive more responses than your plan allows in the past 30 days, the app will prompt you to upgrade to a higher plan. Conversely, if your usage decreases, you can downgrade to a lower plan.
  • We offer flexible upgrades and charge only for the proportional days you've been on each plan each month.
  • If you need to temporarily upgrade for a marketing campaign, you can downgrade later if your usage decreases.
  • There's no limit to the number of quizzes you can create, even on the Free plan. Our pricing is purely based on quiz usage.

Plan Options and Responses

Plan Name Monthly Fee Max. Responses Cost per Response
Free 0 USD/mo. 100/mo. -
Basic 39 USD/mo. 500/mo. 0.080 USD/response
Pro 99 USD/mo. 1000/mo. 0.010 USD/response
Premium 199 USD/mo. 2500/mo. 0.080 USD/response
Enterprise 5K 299 USD/mo. 5000/mo. 0.060 USD/response
Enterprise 8K 399 USD/mo. 8000/mo. 0.050 USD/response
Enterprise 12K 499 USD/mo. 12000/mo. 0.042 USD/response
Enterprise 20K 599 USD/mo. 20000/mo. 0.030 USD/response
Enterprise 30K 699 USD/mo. 30000/mo. 0.023 USD/response
Enterprise 40K 799 USD/mo. 40000/mo. 0.020 USD/response
Enterprise 60K 899 USD/mo. 60000/mo. 0.015 USD/response
Enterprise 100K 999 USD/mo. 100000/mo. 0.010 USD/response
Enterprise 150K 1099 USD/mo. 150000/mo. 0.007 USD/response
Enterprise 200K 1199 USD/mo. 200000/mo. 0.006 USD/response
Enterprise 300K 1299 USD/mo. 300000/mo. 0.004 USD/response
Enterprise 500K 1399 USD/mo. 500000/mo. 0.003 USD/response

Upgrading or Downgrading Your Plan

If you need to upgrade temporarily for a marketing campaign, you can downgrade later on to a smaller plan if your usage is lower. You can easily do it yourself from the Plans & Pricing page in the app.

Bear in mind that if you need to upgrade/downgrade we’re very flexible. When changing plans Shopify will automatically discount the proportional part of the monthly plan that hasn’t been used.

Billing & Invoices

Billing is handled directly by Shopify. Charges for the app will be visible on your monthly invoice from Shopify. You can change your billing details directly in your Shopify store settings.

If you have any other questions about billing or refunds, please contact support.

What happens when I reach my quiz responses limit?

We will notify you by email and in your Dashboard, when you reach 90%, 100% and 125% of your plan's limit.

When you reach 125% of your plan’s response limit, your quizzes will be locked. Your quizzes will automatically be unlocked again when the number of quiz responses collected during the past 30 days is lower than your plan’s limit.

You can delete your responses, but this won’t affect your monthly quiz usage.

When you reach your quiz responses limit, your users will see a message like the one below when they try to take your quiz: This quiz isn’t accepting new responses.

What counts as a paid response?

Quiz Responses are counted as the number of people who have completed the quiz (reached the Results Page). If someone starts the quiz and abandons it partway through, this does not count as a response.

You can check your responses in the Metrics > Analytics tab inside the Quiz Builder.

When do my plan responses reset?

The way our billing system works is that every day it’s calculating the responses captured during the past 30 days (rolling), so the corresponding plan and the charges are made based on usage in retrospect.

You can check the Metrics -> Analytics panel to check how many responses your quiz received in the past 30 days.

It’s best to explain it based on an example. Let’s say that you are on a Basic plan which allows up to 500 responses per month. These are the number of responses you’ve gotten in the last 30 days:

plans pricing faq explanation1


  • On day 1, you got 32 answers
  • On day 2 you got 16 answers
  • On day 3 you got 0 answers, (so none at all) and so on.

If you check the “Total last 30 days” cell, that’s where we add the number of responses of the last 30 days. We get a total of 500 responses. This means your plan’s usage has reached its limit. Thus, the “Available Responses” is 0.

Now, when does this reset?

Let’s say, that the following day – you get 0 responses. The 30 days would “Roll”, and your table would look like this:

plans pricing faq explanation2

You’ll notice that ALL of the days were “bumped” 1 day back. For example, “Day 3” on the first table, is now on “Day 2”, “Day 4” is now “Day 3” and so on. Meaning, the usage of day 1 has rolled out, and as you haven’t got any new answers, now you have the 32 responses that you had previously on day #1 available – because the sum of your “new” table is only 468 (As the previous day 1 with 32 responses “rolled out”).

Changing Plans Example

For further clarification: billing cycle =/= our measuring period. We don’t set a date on which we begin or end measuring, rather, we always measure the last 30 days, rolling.

If you pay on the 15th for a Basic plan, you have the ability to get 500 responses within the past 30 days. For example, on the 15th we will look back 30 days and we will count the number of responses you’ve received those days. On the 22nd, we will look back 30 days, and so on… Take a look at the spreadsheet explanation above.

In this example, if you pay on May 15th the Basic plan, and you have a surge of responses let’s say on the 10th – 28th of a month, the following will happen:

  1. As soon as you’re near 90% of your plan’s usage (in the Basic plan, this means when you’ve accumulated 450 responses in the last 30 days) we will warn you and let you know you might reach 100% which will require upgrading your plan.
  2. If the usage keeps being high and you cross your plan’s limit, we will also let you know. As mentioned before, we will never block your quiz immediately, you’ll have plenty of time to do so.
  3. Let’s say you’re now over your Basic plan, as you have been receiving a lot of responses that make you stay over 500 responses (to learn how the responses accumulate, please check the article thread above). But you already got charged again for the Basic plan, as the 15th of the month has passed. Let’s say that we’re on the 20th of a month here.

This means that, if you upgrade immediately to a Pro plan (allows 1000 responses/30 days), Shopify will only charge for 6 days of your plan (as that’s how many days you’ve used your Basic plan since the 15th). Your new billing cycle will be on the 20th of each month. Now, you’re able to receive 1000 responses “within the last 30 days” on a Pro plan. If you upgraded on the 20th, we will look back 30 days, and we will count your responses. If you’re under 1000, you’re good to go.

In other words: if the Basic plan accepts around ~16 responses each day, the Pro plan will accept ~33 responses every day, without ever crossing the 1000 responses limit / rolling 30 days (16 * 30 = 500, 33 * 30 = 1000)

Monthy vs Yearly plan

If you’ve just installed the Shop Quiz, it is advised to stay on a monthly plan for some time to check your quiz usage.

Once you’re sure of what your stable usage is in a month, you can choose to pay for a yearly plan upfront with a reduced monthly rate. To buy a yearly plan, navigate to the Plans & Pricing tab in the app and select “show yearly”.


We offer a 50% discount on all plans if you subscribe for 2 years and you pay upfront. However, we do recommend starting with the monthly plan, for 2-3 months until you start getting results & sales, before committing to a 2-year plan.

Need a 50% discount signing up for two years? – Get in touch with our Sales Team

What’s the difference between the WooCommerce extension and a WordPress Plugin?

The WordPress Plugin is free to install and puts you directly on our Free plan. The Free plan allows up to 100 quiz responses per month without any charges but has a “Powered by RevenueHunt” branding. If your usage exceeds the Free plan, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a Basic plan which is billed monthly.

The WooCommerce extension requires a yearly subscription (29$/year) to install the app and puts you on a Starter Plan. The Starter Plan allows up to 250 quiz responses per month and has the “Powered by RevenueHunt” branding removed. If your usage exceeds the Starter plan, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a Basic plan which is billed monthly.