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How to Check Quiz Loading Speed

When integrating a quiz into your online store, it's crucial to ensure it loads efficiently to maintain a smooth user experience. If you're encountering slow loading times for your quiz, the issue might not stem from the quiz itself but from other resources on your site affecting its performance.

This guide outlines steps to diagnose and resolve quiz loading issues by optimizing the loading process.

First, isolate the quiz from your site's environment to determine if the issue lies within the quiz or your website.

  1. Locate Your Quiz Link: Find the direct URL of your quiz. This can be obtained from the Share -> External tab of your quiz platform.
  2. Test Loading Speed: Open the direct link in a browser to see how quickly the quiz loads independently of your site. Ideally, the quiz should load in less than one second.

If the quiz loads quickly via the direct link, the slow loading times are likely caused by other elements on your website.

Step 2: Analyze Your Website's Loading Order

Investigating the loading sequence of your website's resources can help identify what's slowing down the quiz when embedded in your site.

  1. Open Developer Tools: Right-click on your website in the browser and select Inspect to open the developer tools.
  2. Review Network and Performance: Navigate to the Network or Performance tabs to examine which resources are loading and how long each takes.

Look for resources that significantly delay loading times, as these are likely culprits affecting the quiz's performance on your site.

Solution: Direct iFrame Embedding

To circumvent slow loading caused by external scripts, directly embed the quiz using an iFrame.

Replace Embed Code: Instead of using the standard embed code generated from the Share tab, which loads the quiz via a JavaScript file (embed.js), use an iFrame embed code. This allows the quiz to load independently of other scripts on your site.

Replace this code:

<div class="rh-widget rh-inline" data-url="" style="..."></div>

With this:

<div class="rh-inline" data-url="" style="..."><iframe src="" id="DPIyZ" style="..."></iframe></div>

This second block of code includes the quiz iFrame directly. This will start rendering the quiz before the embed.js code is loaded.

Step 3: Optimize Your Website's Resources

Consult your developer to review and optimize the loading of resources on your site. This may involve compressing images, minimizing CSS and JavaScript files, and removing unnecessary plugins or widgets.