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How to Restore Quiz Progress

Accidentally losing progress or facing unintended changes made by a colleague can be frustrating. Fortunately, if you find yourself in such a situation with your quiz, there is a way to recover a previous stable version of your Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz.

This guide will walk you through the process of using the Version History feature to recover an earlier version of your quiz, ensuring your hard work isn't lost.

Accessing Version History

The Version History function allows you to browse through saved versions of your quiz, offering a safeguard against accidental loss or changes.

  1. Open Your Quiz: Navigate to the quiz you're working on.
  2. Go to Quiz Settings: Look for the Quiz Settings option within the Quiz Builder.
  3. Find the Version History Tab: Within the Quiz Settings, locate the Version History tab. Here, you'll see a list of the saved versions of your quiz.

Understanding Saved Versions

Version History does not track every minor edit. Instead, it captures a new version each time you publish changes to your quiz with the top-right Publish button.

  • A new version is saved only when you click Publish on your quiz. This action updates the preview/live quiz and records a version in the history.
  • The interface uses colored tags to indicate where changes were made, such as to questions or settings, making it easier to identify the nature of each version.
  • For better organization and clarity, you have the option to rename any saved version. This can help you keep track of significant changes or versions you may want to revert to later.

Recovering a Quiz Version

If you need to recover a previous version of the quiz:

  1. Select the Version: Identify the version you want to recover from the list. Use the colored tags and time stamps as a guide to find the version with the desired changes.
  2. Use the Three Dots Menu: Next to the version you want to recover, click on the three dots menu ... for options.
  3. Recover Quiz Version: Select to create a new quiz from this version. Once clicked, a new quiz copy will appear on your Dashboard.

Follow instructions above to recover a puiblished quiz version.