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App Manual

Discover all the app's functions

This is an app manual. You'll find here an explanation of all the buttons and functions of the app.


On the dashboard, you'll find all the quizzes that you create. From the dashboard, you can run a catalog sync, check the success checklist, or create a new quiz.


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Quiz Builder

quiz builder quiz builder section

In Quiz Builder you'll create your quiz. Via the Quiz Builder, you can add questions to your quiz, link products, edit the results page, language, currency, or set up integrations and results emails.

Quiz Builder is composed of the following sections:

Quiz Builder

This is where you'll add questions/slides to your quiz..

This is where you'll link individual products or entire collections or tags of products from your store to individual choices.

Customer Tags

This is where you'll create custom tags to link to individual choices.

Conditional Logic

This is where you'll create branching in your quiz.

Quiz Design

This is where you'll style your quiz.

Results Page

This is where you'll edit your results page.


This is where you'll set up your quiz result emails.

Quiz Settings

This is where you'll change the currency, language, and other global settings of the quiz.


This is where you'll integrate the quiz with other tools like Klaviyo or Google Analytics.


This is where you'll choose how to publish the quiz on your website or share it.


This is where you'll check your quiz metrics and responses.

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Plans & Pricing

plans & pricing page

In the Plans & Pricing section, you can find details of our pricing plans and upgrade or downgrade your account's plan.

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App Settings

app settings general

In the App Settings section, you adjust your contact details, change GDPR settings, sync metafields, connect your SMTP server, or set up the Shop App.

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