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How to Send Quiz Leads to Your CRM

Apart from giving your customers personalized product recommendations, you can connect your quiz to a CRM service like Klaviyo or MailChimp. This way all the contacts coming from the quiz will be added to your CRM account and you can create targeted email campaigns to upsell them.

Direct Integrations

Shopify Customers

You can add new customers automatically to your Shopify Customers list every time someone completes the quiz. Once someone leaves their email in the quiz, their Shopify Customer profile will be updated with their name, email, phone number and customer tags.

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All the contacts coming from the quiz will be added to your Klaviyo Profiles. From there you can segment your customers and build a targeter email flow to upsell them. With our Klaviyo integration you can also add quiz contacts automatically to a List.

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By automatically sending quiz results to your HubSpot account, you can segment your contacts based on their responses and engage them with personalized campaigns.

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Automating the transfer of quiz data to your Mailchimp account streamlines the process of segmenting your audience and enables targeted follow-up campaigns based on customer tags. Mailchimp integration only supports email, name, and customer tags to be send from the quiz. For more complex emailing/data needs, including direct product recommendations, consider using a different service.

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Apart from giving your customers a personalized product recommendation, you can connect your quiz to your Omnisend account so that the quiz results are sent automatically to your mailing list. This way you can segment them based on their responses and follow up with targeted campaigns.

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Zapier is a platform that enables integration with thousands of apps, including popular CRMs. Automating the transfer of leads from your quizzes to Zapier not only saves time but also allows for more targeted follow-up campaigns.

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Integrating your Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz with ActiveCampaign allows for a seamless transition of valuable customer data directly into your email marketing campaigns and CRM management.

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Integrating the quiz with webhooks allows you to automatically send all quiz data, including responses, recommended products, and participant information, to your specified endpoints.

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Indirect Integrations

If we don't currently integrate with your CRM service and you want to send data there automatically you could set up a redirection via one of our current integrations such as Zapier or Webhooks.

Alternatively, you can also send result emails directly from the app or download all responses as a CSV file and upload them manually your thrid-party service.