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How to Display Multiple Questions per Slide in Your Quiz

This guide will walk you through the process of combining questions into a single slide using the Quiz Builder.

The ability to display multiple questions on a single slide can help reduce the overall length of your quiz and keep participants engaged.

To combine two or more questions into one slide, follow these steps:

  1. Add Your Questions: First, ensure that you have your questions ready in your Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz. Adding questions is the preliminary step before you can begin merging them into a single slide.
  2. Open Question Settings: Click on the first question (the one you wish to appear at the top of the slide) to select it, then click on the wrench icon to open the question settings.
  3. Join Next Question: Within the question settings menu, look for the option labeled Join next question and activate it.

    how to join slides setting

    Once activated, the selected question will automatically merge with the next one, displaying both on the same slide.

  4. Merge Additional Questions: If you wish to merge more than two questions you can continue the process.

  5. Select the Joined Questions: Click on the last question of the already merged set.
  6. Repeat the Join Process: Activate the Join next question option again. You can repeat this process to combine as many questions as you like, creating a comprehensive slide that houses multiple queries.

how to join slides slides joined


Please note that currently, merging two file upload questions into a single slide is not supported. If your quiz includes file upload questions, you must keep them separated to ensure the upload functionality works correctly.

Follow the steps outlined above to easily integrate multiple questions per slide into your quizzes.