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Getting Started with Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz

In this tutorial, you’ll see an overview of the most important features of the Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz app.

Welcome to Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz!

Before you start collecting leads and generating sales, here is a quick guide to finding your way around the app.


  1. When you log in to the Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz app, the first thing you’ll see is your Dashboard. This is where you can find all the quizzes that you create.
  2. On the right, you can see the Success Checklist. It shows the progress you’ve made in building your quiz.
  3. Click on + add new quiz to create a new project. You can start from scratch, or use one of our pre-designed templates to get started.

Quiz Builder

This is where you’ll create your quiz.

  1. Choose a question type by clicking on the + plus sign and edit it.
  2. Once you’ve added your questions, you can drag and drop to move them around.
  3. To change question settings, click on the little wrench icon. Here you can change things like making the question optional, or allowing multiple answers.

Once you’re happy with the design, you can add products and collections to each question.

Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz works like a voting system:

  • Products are linked to each choice.
  • When a customer picks that choice, all linked products receive one vote.
  • After the customer takes the quiz, the results page will show the products sorted by the number of votes.

Make sure to also edit the Results Page.

Here you can write insightful information for the customer, select how many products will be recommended, or even group your products into slots to recommend a whole package.

Quiz Design

This is where you can customize your quiz design.

  1. In the theme gallery, you’ll see some premade themes that you can choose from.
  2. Or create your own design by clicking Edit in the top menu.
  3. Edit the font, change the text colors, or add a background image.
  4. You can even add custom CSS code to make the quiz match your store’s look and feel.

All the changes you make will be saved automatically.

Publish & Preview

  • Hit the Publish button in the top right-hand corner to update the preview/live quiz.
  • Click Preview to test the quiz.


Now you can publish the quiz on your website.

In the Share tab of the Quiz Builder, you can choose how to publish the quiz on your website or how to share it with your customers. - Click on the option tiles to see instructions and extra settings. - You can embed a link to the quiz in your website’s menu, add a take the quiz button, place the quiz inline with your page content or make it an automatic popup for your store visitors.

The choice is yours.


If you want to do more with your Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz, try integrating it with other tools.

  • The Connect section lets you see all our integrations.
  • To set this up, select a platform and click connect.


The Metrics panel is where you’ll be able to analyze quiz responses.

  • Scroll down in analytics to see a general overview of your results, like how many people viewed your quiz, how many people started it, and the number of responses.
  • The responses tab lets you dive deeper into individual respondents to see how they answered each question.
  • You can download all responses to a CSV file by clicking here.

That's our Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz app!

Check out our documentation for more resources on getting started with recommendation quizzes.