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How to Show Quiz in Shop App

Shopify's new mobile commerce app, Shop, represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the online shopping experience, offering both Android and iOS users a personalized and streamlined path to discovering and purchasing products from Shopify-powered stores.

We're excited to inform you that our Shop Quiz: Product Recommender has been selected as the premier quiz solution for Shop, designed to integrate seamlessly and contribute to a more engaging customer journey.

Availability and Automatic Integration

Initially, the integration of the Shop Quiz will be available to a select group of merchants. We are working towards making this feature broadly available to all eligible merchants soon.

For merchants who meet specific criteria, the Shop Quiz feature will be enabled automatically, making the integration process hassle-free:

Eligibility Criteria for Automatic Activation

  • Your quiz recommends products listed for sale in the Shop app.
  • The quiz does not require an email address as a mandatory field. Optional email collection is permitted.
  • Your quiz does not include a phone number collection question, in line with Shop's guidelines.

Managing Your Quiz in Shop app

If the Shop Quiz feature has not been activated for your store automatically, you can manually set it up through the App Settings.

  1. Open App Settings: Navigate to the Shop App menu within the App settings to get started. how to show quiz in shop app settings
  2. Select Quiz: To control which quiz is presented to your customers in the Shop app, simply select your preferred quiz from the dropdown menu. The selected quiz will automatically be set as the default for display in the Shop app.
  3. Mark as default: The quiz that appears in your Shop store is the one marked as default. You can easily identify the default quiz by looking for a small star icon in the top right corner of the quiz's icon on the dashboard.

    how to show quiz in shop app select quiz

  4. Change default quiz: To set a quiz as the default, use the quizzes dropdown menu on the dashboard.

    how to show quiz in shop app mark as default


We strive to offer a seamless and comprehensive user experience with the Shop Quiz integration. However, it's important to note that currently, the collection of phone numbers via the Shop app quiz is not supported. We are actively working to include this feature in the near future.

By following this article, you'll learn how to show your quiz in the Shop App.