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How to Use Information Recalls

Information recalls allow you to reuse participants' previously entered responses, such as their name or quiz answers, in subsequent questions, results pages, or follow-up communications. This personalizes the quiz experience by making it more relevant and engaging for the participant.

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Adding Information Recalls

  1. Initiate Recall Feature: While crafting your quiz questions or setting up follow-up communications, press the @ symbol on your keyboard. This action activates the recall feature.

    • If nothing happens after you click the @ symbol, you can also initiate this function from Question Settings.
    • Information Recalls cannot be added to the first question in the quiz.
  2. Select From Available Data: Upon triggering the recall feature, a dropdown menu will appear, listing all available questions and data points collected from participants up to that point in the quiz. Scroll through the dropdown menu to find the specific piece of information you wish to recall. Whether it's the participant's name, their answers to previous questions, or other collected data, simply click on your choice to select it. how to use information recalls clicked

  3. Implement Recalls: Once selected, the chosen data will be integrated into your current question, email subject line, or message body. Instead of seeing a generic placeholder, participants will see the recalled information, such as their name, making the interaction feel uniquely tailored to them. how to use information recalls example

Where to Add Information Recalls

Information recall can be utilized in various parts of your quiz to enhance personalization:

  • Follow-up Questions: Make your quiz feel more conversational by recalling the participant's name or other responses in later questions.
  • Results Page: Display personalized messages or recommendations on the results page by recalling the participant's name and answers.
  • Email Communications: Beyond the quiz itself, recall information in your follow-up emails to provide a cohesive and personalized experience from start to finish. Personalize follow-up emails by including the participant's name in the subject line or email body. Use the "@" symbol to access and insert the participant's name and other relevant information into your email content.