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How to Reduce Drop-off and Maximize Quiz Completion Rate

Quizzes can be a powerful tool to engage users, collect valuable data, and even segment your audience for targeted marketing. However, creating a quiz that maintains the user's interest from start to finish can be challenging. High drop-off rates can significantly affect the effectiveness of your quiz.

This guide offers practical steps and strategies to reduce drop-off rates and maximize quiz completion rates.

Step 1: Review In-App Drop-Off Metrics

Start by examining the drop-off metrics provided by Shop Quiz. These metrics will highlight where participants are leaving the quiz, allowing you to pinpoint problem areas effectively.

Step 2: Identify High Drop-off Questions

Focus on questions with the highest drop-off rates, especially those asking for personal details like email addresses. These are typically where you might lose participants' interest or willingness to continue.

Step 3: Implement Strategies for Reducing Drop-off

Shorten Your Quiz: Limit the number of questions. A shorter quiz is more likely to keep participants engaged, increasing completion rates.

Optimize Email Collection: - Make the email question optional in question settings and clearly indicate this choice to the user. - Offer an incentive, like a discount, for participants willing to provide their email. This can make the option more appealing without making it mandatory.

Step 4: A/B Testing

Create a variation of your quiz with the implemented changes, such as making it shorter and adjusting the approach to collecting emails.

Run both the original and the modified quizzes simultaneously to see which version has a higher completion rate.


Check our How to A/B Test You Quiz article for instructions.

Step 5: Analyze and Adjust

Use the Shop Quiz analytics or GA4 to review the performance of both quiz versions.

Pay attention to the completion rates and participant feedback to understand what works best.

Continuously refine your quiz based on these insights, aiming for an optimal balance between information collection and user experience.

Additional Considerations

Consider the value of obtaining a participant's email. Assess whether the potential long-term benefits, like building your email list for targeted marketing, outweigh the immediate goal of quiz completion.

By closely monitoring in-app drop-off metrics and experimenting with different quiz formats and strategies, you can enhance participant engagement and significantly improve your quiz's completion rate.