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Why Products Aren't Added to the Cart?

If your products are not added to the cart, here are the most probable causes:

Your quiz is not published on a live website

The quiz needs to be published on live website (not hidden by a “coming soon” plugin or password).


Check this article to learn how to publish your quiz.

You’re using a cart drawer

Our Shop Quiz app does not integrate with drawer carts at the moment. So after the quiz is over, the quiz is adding products to the “regular” cart instead of the drawer cart in your theme.

Unfortunately, drawer carts are an added functionality by specific store themes, not a core Shopify feature. Because of that, we cannot integrate with drawer carts at the moment.

You could, instead of adding the product to the cart, send the customer to the product page by changing the checkout settings. They will be able to add the product to the drawer cart from there.


Check this article to learn how to change your checkout settings.

Your product is a subscription product

Shop Quiz is able to sync and recommend subscription products created with ReCharge Subscriptions for Shopify. Check here for instructions on how to enable it.

For other subscription apps, there's a workaround that allows you to still guide your customers towards subscription options via the Shop Quiz.

This article helps with troubleshooting add-to-cart issues in Shop Quiz.