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How to Publish a Quiz on Your Website

After you've prepared your quiz, connected product collections to responses and customized its design to match your store's branding, you're ready to make it live.

This guide will walk you through the process of sharing your quiz with your customers in a manner that aligns with your store's style and enhances their shopping experience.

Select Your Display Option

Your quiz can be presented on your store in several ways, each with its advantages:

A clickable link that opens the quiz in a popup overlay on your page.

  • Purpose: For engaging users through clickable links on navigation menus or any page.
  • Implementation Guide: Adding a Quiz Link Popup.

Embedded Inline

Directly embed the quiz within a page's content. Ideal for a dedicated landing page.

  • Purpose: Ideal for a dedicated landing page to attract traffic via paid ads.
  • Implementation Guide: Embedding the Quiz Inline.

Automatic Popup

The quiz automatically appears as a popup after a visitor spends a certain amount of time on a page.

Share a direct link to the quiz on social media platforms.

Email Popup

Incorporate a quiz popup link in your emails or newsletters.

Chat Button Popup

Trigger a quiz popup through a chat-like button interaction.