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How to Send Leads to Omnisend

Apart from giving your customers a personalized product recommendation, you can connect Shop Quiz: Product Recommendation Quiz to your Omnisend account so that the quiz results are sent automatically to your mailing list. This way you can segment them based on their responses and follow up with targeted campaigns.

  1. Generate Omnisend API Key: First, you'll have to generate a new API Key in Omnisend. To do that,visit the API section in your Omnisend account and select the option This API key will only allow adding new subscribers. Copy the API Key.

    how to send leads to omnisend api key generate


    It's advisable to label your API key with a recognizable name like revenuehunt or shopquiz for easy identification later.

  2. Access the Quiz Builder and navigate to the Connect tab at the top of your screen.

  3. Scroll to the Omnisend section and click on the Connect button to initiate the connection process.
  4. In the popup that appears, you'll need to enter your Omnisend API Key into the input field, then click save. how to send leads to omnisend api key
  5. Update the preview/live quiz with the top-right Publish button to save the connection.

Following these steps ensures that every time a customer completes your quiz, their contact details, quiz responses, and product recommendations are automatically sent to your Omnisend account.

We send all the responses to the quiz and the recommended products along with the contact information to the customer’s Omnisend profile. This information will appear in the customer’s profile as custom properties.

how to omnisend custom properties

If you need to add any additional information to the email template, your developer can do so by pulling the appropriate custom properties from the user profile.

Send Follow-up Emails with Omnisend

It’s possible to send the product recommendations via Omnisend, although this is not something that’s a one-click install. It should be built by someone with technical knowledge and experience in Omnisend. Below you’ll find some basic instructions that can be forwarded to a developer.


Once the quiz is connected to Omnisend (and the data is sent there), it’s out of our app’s scope, and any particular questions on how to set up the flows and how to build the email templates should be directed to Omnisend.

  1. Connect Your Quiz to Omnisend: Refer to the instructions provided here to ensure your quiz is correctly connected to Omnisend.
  2. Create a Segment for Quiz Participants: In Omnisend, create a segment specifically for users who have completed the quiz. This can be done by filtering for a custom property that only quiz participants will have, such as permalink_quiz_id. how to omnisend segment
  3. Set Up an Automated Workflow: Develop an automation workflow in Omnisend that triggers when someone is added to the newly created segment of quiz participants. This step involves configuring Omnisend to automatically start the email campaign sequence for users in this segment. how to omnisend flow
  4. Customize the Email Template: Customizing the email template to include quiz results and product recommendations requires HTML, CSS, and Django templating knowledge. Use Omnisend’s existing email templates as a base and modify them to incorporate the quiz data as custom properties. Ensure the template aligns with your brand’s style guide.

    Here are some email templates that you can use as a reference:

    Bear in mind that the templates won’t work by just copy/pasting. These templates were created for our demo quiz. Your developer will have to modify the custom properties in these templates to match the ones that are passed from the quiz to your Omnisend account. The quiz ID is different, so are other property names. After the changes are made, your developer can insert the code as a custom HTML block on the Omnisend email template.

Customer Tags in Omnisend

Note that while customer profiles are updated with new quiz takes—including answers and product recommendations—Omnisend does not automatically remove unselected tags from previous sessions. A tags_quizID property is used to track the latest customer tags, which can be utilized to create segmented audiences for targeted marketing efforts.

By following this article, you can set up your post-quiz email flow with Omnisend.